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Drug Rehab at Affinity Healthcare Group

Do you want to gain independence from your addiction? At Affinity Healthcare Group, we’re here to help with substance abuse. Our addiction treatment program near Camden, NJ, guides you through the process of detoxification and helps build you up through mental health services. We also offer free transportation in the form of a shuttle to our addiction center located near Camden, no questions asked!

Our team at Affinity Healthcare Group is ready to help you through the difficult withdrawal phase of addiction with proven substance abuse treatment. We offer clinical and behavioral treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders that’s proven effective for long-term recovery from mental illness. We’ll help you take control of your drug addiction and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

If you want compassionate and private addiction treatment near Camden, NJ, don’t wait. Call Affinity Healthcare Clinic today at 856-651-7826.

Opioid Addictions We Treat

No two people experience addiction or mental health problems the same, so our professional clinical team is here to tailor our addiction treatment options to your substance use disorder. Our addiction disorder treatment serving Camden County is your first step toward a healing process and long-term recovery. Additionally, we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for people battling substance abuse disorder, specifically opioid abuse disorder.

We’re capable of treating many different types of opioids, including: 

  • OxyContin
  • Vicodin
  • Fentanyl
  • Heroin

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Clinical Approach

Our clinical staff is ready and able to help you through the difficult aspects of detoxification. Our addiction treatment clinic serving Camden, NJ, is home to compassionate therapists, specialized medication addiction doctors, and nurses who are ready to support you throughout your recovery journey. We treat addiction using medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, that uses FDA-approved medication to assist you in the detoxification process. 

Psychological Approach

At Affinity Healthcare Group, our goal is to improve your mental health and help you regain control of your physical health. While you undergo medication-assisted treatment, you’ll also attend behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy to address the negative thought processes and behaviors related to addiction. 


Privacy is one of our top priorities when you decide to pursue addiction treatment near Camden, NJ. We strive to uphold your confidentiality and ensure you are respected and cared for during the detox process. 

Our Addiction Treatment Services

At Affinity Healthcare Group, we provide tailored addiction treatment services near Camden,NJ. Addiction is a unique experience for everyone, so we ensure that our patients’ needs are adequately met with MAT and behavioral therapies. 


Medication-assisted treatment or MAT involves using medications like methadone or suboxone to alleviate the  withdrawal symptoms. The treatment uses FDA-approved medications and is proven effective at treating addiction long-term. This clinical treatment also helps you to better focus on improving your mental health during behavioral therapy sessions.

Below are the types of medication we use in our addiction treatment program near Camden, NJ. 


Methadone binds to your opioid receptors and blocks them from future opioid use. This is effective for preventing relapse and reducing  opioid dependence. 


Suboxone is an effective medication for treating opioid use disorders. The drug binds to your opioid receptors to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and block opioid cravings. 

Behavioral Therapy

When you pursue addiction treatment at Affinity Healthcare Group, improving your mental health is just as important as your physical health. While you detox, we’ll work with you to provide tailored behavioral therapy services that will help you understand how addiction can occur due to mental health struggles.

It’s been proven that group counseling and individual counseling can help you work toward a healthier mindset. Our behavioral therapies will help you form coping strategies, create healthier thought patterns, and help you toward an addiction-free life. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to help you understand the connection between your negative thoughts and the actions that led to addiction. Effective addiction treatment requires addressing these thought processes to make better choices and successfully achieve long-term recovery. 

Reality Therapy

Reality therapy uses the choice theory to help patients see the connection between unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and their own addiction. The choice theory is the best for understanding this connection because it states that all of our actions are based upon a desire to solve one of the following needs: 

  • Survival 
  • Love
  • Acceptance
  • Power 
  • Achievement
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Fun or Enjoyment

Once you understand the connection between your needs and actions, our counselors or therapists will work with you to create healthier thought processes and habits. 

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing involves finding what motivates you to recover from your addiction. During this therapy, one of our therapists or counselors will help you set goals, think about your aspirations, and consider ideas for your future once you’ve achieved independence from addiction. 

Solution Focused Therapy

In solution-focused therapy, we’ll work on building up your strengths and skills rather than focusing on the struggles that led to your addiction. In addition to new achievable goals, these improved skills and strengths will help keep you on track to achieve a life free from addiction. 

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Why Choose Affinity Healthcare Group

At Affinity Healthcare Group, no one fights addiction alone. We’re here to provide the care, tools, and support you need to achieve a life free of addiction. Through our tailored addiction treatment program, our experienced team will build up your mental and physical health so you may pursue a healthy life. We make addiction treatment near Camden, NJ, as stress-free and easy as possible.

To speak with one of our clinical staff about addiction treatment near Camden, NJ, call Affinity Healthcare Group today.

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