Our Approach

Clinical Approach

As a patient, you will find an entire team of medical and counseling professionals in support of your recovery. We are willing to listen to your priorities for sobriety and develop a personal treatment plan. Your strengths will be explored to identify the best approach for daily care. Each day you will arrive at the facility with access to administration, practitioners, nurses, and counselors to answer your questions. As you begin to restore your health, community resources can be explored to provide employment, medical care, housing, and as needed, assistance navigating the probation/parole system. In addition, family sessions can be scheduled with nurses and counselors to provide education and support.

Dignity and Respect

Our multidisciplinary team will ensure that you will be treated with dignity and respect. We offer hope for the suffering caused by opioid dependency. We respect confidentiality at all times. The treatment we offer will help individuals regain what addiction has taken from them. It is our joy to be a part of your life as your relationships with spouses, parents, children and friends are healed . The self respect that comes from returning to employment and becoming financially independent is a goal we can join with you to achieve.

Affinity’s Medical Mission

The entire medical staff sees you as an individual with specific needs that will be addressed privately and respectfully. The needs, preferences for treatment, strengths and abilities that you identify will be integrated into our approach. It is our mission to incorporate clinical treatment with motivational support in a nurturing environment. We want you to succeed! This is possible by joining with you to explore motivation for treatment, addressing underlying co-occurring conditions, and providing you with the medical care necessary to improve your overall well being.

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